When I import a QFX file, I see bank label from different bank (Wells Fargo)

When you convert to QFX (Web Connect) format, you may be looking for the Bank ID for your bank, and the bank id you get easily from your check and it is usually five digits number (or 3 digits number for Canadian banks). You can set Bank ID when you convert, or leave default Bank ID as 00001; Quicken does not use it. Quicken looks for different id, "INTU.BID", on your QFX file.

The bank label you see during import is defined by INTU.BID value on the QFX file (default value is 3000, Wells Fargo Bank label). You can change "INTU.BID" in CSV2QFX, PDF2QFX or other *2QFX converter to other value (click the "Look Up" button to locate your bank). If your bank is not listed, keep the default value.

The INTU.BID value has to be for any "allowed" bank, but the bank label you see during import is not relevant as you are choosing an account in Quicken, to which transactions will be imported.

IMPORTANT: Quicken uses the account type from the QFX file to show existing accounts. If you set account type in CSV2QFX or PDF2QFX to "Credit Card," Quicken will show you only existing credit card account. You can recreate the QFX in the converter by selecting correct account type.

IMPORTANT: Quicken uses the account # (account id, account number) and INTU.BID value together from the QFX file to associate with the account in Quicken you choose for the first QFX file. If you are converting for MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS, make sure to use different account # when converting to QFX files.

IMPORTANT: if you have your existing account "linked" to direct bank download, you need to edit the account in Quicken first as Quicken does not import QFX files on already linked accounts and the account has to be unlinked first:

For Quicken on PC:

  • Right click the account on the left sidebar
  • Click Edit Account
  • Click Online Services
  • Click Deactivate
  • Click Ok to Save changes
  • Select File->File Import->Web Connect (QFX) 

For Quicken (2015 or later) on Mac:

  • Right click the account on the left sidebar and select Edit "<account name>" Settings
  • Click "setup transaction download."
  • Click Options
  • Click Manual, click Continue, click Finish
  • Select File->Import->Bank or Brokerage file (QFX)

Once you finished with QFX file, unlink the account again, and link back to your bank. If you do not want to remove existing online linking, you have two choices:

  1. Import into a new account and move transactions under another account. Call this account "IMPORT" if you would like to keep importing into this account, or delete it after the import is done.
  2. Use a "2QIF" converter CSV2QIF or PDF2QIF or OFX2QIF. For Quicken 2005-2014,2017, enter exact account name you have in Quicken before converting and select "All account" on the QIF import screen in Quicken. For Quicken 2015,2016, import into a proxy cash account and then move transactions.

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