Setup backup as the first step

My computer crashed and I did not backup data

You can restore your data from a backup file if you have it. Otherwise, you need to start from an empty file. The most important part to keep your current expense records.

Try Dropbox and set up the backup folder for Simple Home Budget into Dropbox folder on your computer. This way you will have your data backed up "in the cloud."

Do the following:

  • Download Simple Home Budget and install it
  • Download Dropbox and install it
  • Look for the DropBox folder in your My Documents folder
  • Start Simple Home Budget and click Settings > Backup settings.
  • Click on the yellow button folder and select My Documents and then Dropbox
  • Set History Copies at least to 3

Now your data will be backed up by Simple Home Budget every time you close it, and DropBox will back it up "into the cloud."

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