How to convert investment transactions from CSV to Quicken Compatible format

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CSV2QIF converts CSV or Excel files with investment transactions into importable QIF files. Created QIF files are importable into Quicken 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005.

Use the following sample CSV file for investment accounts if you are entering or formatting data in Excel or would like to know how your CSV/Excel file should look like:

Investment accounts are different from bank and credit card accounts. You cannot cut and paste transactions from one account and paste under investment account (unlike bank and credit card accounts, where you can cut, paste and move transactions easily between accounts).

Investment transactions have an important difference from bank and credit card accounts: they need quantity, price, commision, investment action and full security name for each transaction. If one of the listed details is missing, QIF file is treated as regular cash transaction into an investment account.

When you convert CSV or Excel file into QIF format, your CSV/Excel file must have the following details:

  • date
  • amount
  • price
  • quantity
  • commision
  • full security name
  • investment action (BUY, SELL, etc., see the full list of codes below)
  • memo

When you convert CSV to QIF, you must specify the account NAME in Quicken for the QIF file and specify the account type as Invst. Quicken uses the account name on the QIF file to locate an investment account by name and imports transactions there.

When you import a QIF file into Quicken, you must select "All account" from the account drop-down list on the QIF import screen.

IMPORTANT: you must ignore Quicken messages about supported or unsupported account types and just follow these instructions to get your investment transactions imported.

Here is the list of all Investment Action codes (the first word on each line):

Code Description
Buy A security Buy  
BuyX A security Buy and transfer of cash from another account 
Sell A security Sell 
SellX A security Sell and transfer of proceeds from another account
CGLong Long-term capital gains
CGLongX Long-term capital gains and transfer of proceeds to another account
CGMid Mid-term capital gains (converted to short term on import as OFX doesn¢t support this)
CGMidX Mid-term capital gains and transfer of proceeds to another account
CGShort Short Term Capital Gains
CGShortX Short-term capital gains and transfer of proceeds to another account 
Div Dividend 
DivX Dividend and transfer to another account 
IntInc Interest Income 
IntIncX Interest Income and transfer to another account 
ReinvDiv Dividend reinvested 
ReinvInt Interest Income Reinvested 
ReinvLg Long-term capital gains Reinvested 
ReinvMd Mid- term capital gains Reinvested 
ReinvSh Short-term capital gains Reinvested 
XIn Transfer of cash into the account 
XOut Transfer of cash out of the account
MiscExp Misc Expense 
MiscExpX Misc Expense covered by another account
MiscInc Misc Income, optionally associated with a security. 

Misc Income and transfer from another account



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