How to get a refund

If you have issues with the converter related to an actual converter, for example, it does not open your  file,  or opens it incorrectly (for example, does not show all transactions or shows more transactions than it should), please email to with details about the issue. ProperSoft will try to help you and resolve the issue, and if it is too much work for both sides, you will get your order refunded. If it is a simple issue to resolve (in the most cases it is), you will get your transactions imported, and no refund will be needed.

If you already contacted support and the issue cannot be resolved, or you ordered a wrong converter and then ordered a correct one, please follow the instructions below. Please wait seven business days (Monday-Friday) after your email was sent before sending in another request. Each time you send in a request, you reset yourself to the end of the support queue and response time is further delayed. If you changed your mind, please submit a new request.

To receive your refund,

  • Remove the software you want to return from your computer.
  • Forward the confirmation e-mail you received for your order to
  • In the forwarded e-mail, indicate that you'd like a refund.

ProperSoft Inc. will only honour your refund if you send your refund request within 14 days of purchase or you opened a ticket within 14 days of purchase and it was not resolved.

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