CSV to QBO does not map expense/income account and/or classes

QBO (Web Connect) format, which Quickbooks imports, is a format you would normally download from your bank. Your bank provides details about your transactions (date, amount, payee, check number), but does not know about your accounting (as a "Staples" purchase should be "Office supplies" or "Computer hardware"), only you as accountant/bookkeeper working with transactions for a specific company would know.

Considering details above, CSV2QBO converter allows to map the following transaction details from CSV to QBO:

  • date
  • amount (negative for withdrawals/expenses and positive for deposits/payments to the account)
  • payee (Quickbooks shows this as "Downloaded as" because your bank does not provide exact vendor name as you have in Quickbooks, for example, it could "Shell #123" that you match to Shell vendor name
  • memo (additional details if present), look for "show memo text" checkbox in Quickbooks to see this field
  • check number

Quickbooks provides several tools to match imported through QBO file transactions to vendor records and assign expense/income accounts:

  • expense/income account info is populated on a matched transaction from matched vendor record. It is a good idea to assign expense/income accounts on vendor records (as the most used ones for specific vendor) as it saves you time on assigning accounts on transactions
  • Quickbooks remembers your choices for selected vendor record for a specific payee ("downloaded as") name. You should need to match vendors to specific payee names from a QBO file just one time
  • You may use renaming rules to assign vendor records and do other things like account assignment or class assignment

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